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Vučje Center - 20 kilometers away from Niksic, is located on the slopes of the plateau Krnovo. The clean mountain air, backwoods, the vicinity of Niksic, low prices and superior service is the best way to motivate guests to unexpectedly extend the stay on the mountain Krnovo. From here, roads lead nature lovers to the canyon Nevidio, Tara rafting or biking and hiking tours in the direction of Lukavica and Captain Lake. Hotel, restaurant and bar are at guests disposal, and during the winter season three ski-lifts (children, competitive and recreational), motor four-wheeler, sled...


Jezero Krupac

Lake Krupac - The most beautiful resort in Niksic is located 5 km from the city and it offers to the visitors many interesting and exciting things in the summer months: a warm, clean lake water, the shade of poplar trees, the nearby playgrounds, the possibility of riding scooters, boats, kayaks, water skiing, organizing of volleyball, basketball and water polo games, fishing ... During the summer the beach “Ski Bar” is open on the lake, and it that become extremely attractive and popular place for evening entertainment. The restaurant "Plaza" is also opened and with its pleasant surroundings and friendly staff provides guests with an exceptional experience and pleasant moments of rest.



Mostanica bridge - One of the oldest Roman bridges in Niksic, otherwise known as the Roman bridge. It is located on the old road from Niksic to Trebinje. It is reliably established that it was built by the Romans in the third century. The bridge was built of hewn stone of right shape, connected with a thick layer of plaster. The perfection of line in these objects are achieved by applying the Romans graphics. The apex of the great arches is in the same plane with the apex of the small openings of vaults and savings.

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